Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hearty Congratulations !


Today, I feel like writing in English like I used to way back in college where I had my own journal. However, today's post ain't about writing. Its just a simple post to congratulate my dear friend, Yuki who had given birth to his very own handsome boy, Matthew!

I am beyond happy that she had successfully deliver Matthew on April 21st. *I know I'm kinda late for a congrats message here! I'm bad with keeping in touch* Earlier, she was admitted for a month, bed-ridden, and fully monitored by doc since Matthew has a little complication. In fact, he is still in NICU at the moment, struggling and fighting for his mommy and daddy. *Get well soon, dear boy!*

Nevertheless, I am grateful that she had now become a MOMMY ! *wishing my time will come soon, insyaAllah*

So, stay tuned for Matthew's pictures in my next next post. I am one excited aunty!

Oh by the way, I did suggest Yuki for a confinement set from Shaklee since I want THE BEST  for my buddy.
Do you want the best too? Ask me. :)

Confinement set Shaklee ! Perfect choice for mommies. :)

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